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This pedal is my life

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we havin a good day

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Jack White - Weep Themselves To Sleep


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Anonymous asked: How did you and Brody meet? You are so adorable too by the way!


Ooh! I’ve always kind of secretly wanted someone to ask me this. Just fair warning- I can’t explain anything unless it’s over detailed and filled with unnecessary information- so be prepared.

Technically the first time we met was about a year and a half ago at Teenage Kicks and he was dancing with some homeless guy and I took a picture and put it on Instagram, so I thought it would be polite to let him know. I had to ask one of my friends what his name was! But when I told him, he like grabbed my hands and was being super dorky and I was convinced he was on something because it was just a very strange interaction.

But then I guess someone must’ve told him that I was in love with him or something, but I barely even knew his name! But that meant that the next time we would meet he would hit on me a lot and be, what I thought at the time, super weird, but now look back and think was super adorable. I was texting one of my friends, who happens to be one of his friends, and then he texted me and I was like “this must be Brodie” but he kept insisting he was Arnold Palmer. It was weird. But later that day we saw the school musical, not together or anything, but then we went to IHOP with the cast for the cast party and he was with his friends and I was with mine. We were not there together by any means, I should make that clear.
He kept hitting on me in little tiny dorky ways, but I was definitely kind of creeped out. But it was cute and dorky.

And then we started snapchatting a lot and he kind of had me at the back of his mind but I was super into him and tried to seem really cool all the time and then one time he told me I was the “chex to his mix” and then I went to this thing his band was playing at and watched them and hung out there all day and finally towards the end of the night he finally talked to me a lot and then we texted all night and he was like “oh hey you’re not as 8th grader as I thought”.

And then I was at this Iron and Wine concert and he was also at it with his friends and I guess I was mean to him, because that night he texted me “do you hate me y/y” and I was just like NO I DONT HATE YOU I LIKE YOU A LOT HEY HI I HAVE NO IDEA IF YOU LIKE ME OR NOT
and turns out he kind of did, but it was weird and I waited around for awhile and just kept being dorky and trying to hang out with him and FINALLY IT HAPPENED.

After a thousand awkward interactions and super lame texts, we finally started dating and now here we are!!! A year and two months later!!!

Now you know!

I am not proud of me a year and two months ago.

But also I scored a hot gf so I guess it all worked out.